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What Is It?

Welcome to the Isolation Island Concours d'Elegance. This is an online concours d'elegance event taking place on our Facebook page for diecast/resin model cars that will be judged by top tier concours judges. All of these judges also judge at Amelia Island and Pebble. This first event will run for two weeks and then be judged. At that point and all winners will receive a trophy, just like a live concours. Everything takes place at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Isolationislandheadjudge

Event History

We decided to start this event while complaining about the fact that there were  no concours events to attend. Actually I was cleaning my office and  wondering how I had personally acquired so many model cars. I had just seen my friend VU at the Porsche Club Of America host his own cars and coffee on the carpet with his own cars and decided to expand the idea into an international judged concours. The Concours name was though of by Bill Warner so you can blame him for that part.


The Isolation Island Concours will run every two weeks with change ups in the classes and such, based on suggestions and lessons learned from the previous events

Concours Winners

Winners For Round 1

Class 1A. Prewar European: 1935 Audi 225 Front Roadster owned by Koenraad Van Dorpe

Class 1B. Prewar American 1938 Phantom Corsair owned by Mr. Edward M. Fiore 

Class 2. Porsche: Yellow Porsche 911R of Jens VonBulow 

Class 3: Alfa Romeo: 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototipo owned by Sean Zeeck

Class 4. MERCEDES-BENZ SL 1952-1989: Lou Bavel’s W194 300SL in Carrera Panamericana livery 

Class 5. JAGUAR 1948-1974: 1966 XJ13 of Evert Delanoye 

Class 6. ASTON MARTIN 1952-1967: 1959 DBR1 owned by Alexander Davidis

Class 7. FERRARI 1948-1973:The winner is the FERRARI P4/ 350 Can Am - Chassis # 0858 owned by Timothy McGrane

CLASS 8. CHEVROLET CORVETTE: 1967 LeMans L88 #9 Corvette Coupe owned by Larry Vanscoy 

Class 9. AMERICAN CUSTOMS, STREET RODS, HOT RODS: 1967 Nic>Iey Chevrolet Camaro owned by Morgan Duffy

Class 10A. RACE CARS PRE-WAR: 1936-1937 Auto Union Type C owned by Russ Rocknak.

Class 10B. RACE CARS 1947-1967: 1953 Porsche 356 Outlaw vintage race car owned by Steven Ashley Kraft

Class 10C. RACE CARS 1968-1982: Al Holbert’s 1976 IMSA champion Dekon Monza chassis 1008 owned by Thomas H. Ross 

Class 10D. Race Cars Modern: 2008 Aston Martin DBRS9 owned by Ed Muncie

Class 10E. Race Cars Open Wheel: Corgi Lotus 72 owned by James Edmonds.

Class 11 Misfit Toys: VAM Lerma, from AMC’s Mexican division owned by Fernando Márquez Riaño 

Classiccars.com Editors Choice Award: the 1936-1937 Auto Union Type C owned by Russ Rocknak.

SCM Spirit of Motoring Award: 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto owned by Daniel Romero

PCA Special Award: Porsche 930 Turbo owned by Tim Mcnair

The Photography award from my right hand man and official photographer Dirk de Jager: Ferrari 166 Inter Cabriolet Stabilimenti Farina of Nicolas Bert

Chairmans Choice: 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Mille Miglia owned by Molly McCall

Best Of Show: 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototipoowned by Sean Zeeck

Winners for Round 2

Class 1 US/EUROPEAN CLASSICS 1907-1948: the winner is the 1908 Chain Drive Mercedes Grand Prix car owned by Sean Smith

Class 2 Porsche: winner is the "Bumblebee" Porsche 906E owned by Rick Ostman

Class 3 BMW Cars 1929-2006: winner is the E9 3.0CSL owned by StevenAshley Kraft

Class 4 British Sports: Winner is the 1969 MGB GT vintage racer owned by Frank Albert

Class 5 Motorcycles: Winner is the 1958 Triumph Thunderbird owned by Sarah Bradley

Class 6 Japanese Sports and Racing Cars: winner is the BRE 240Z owned by Russ Rocknak

Class 7 Ferrari: Winner 1959 250 GT TDF owned by Len Rusiewicz

Class 8 Corvette: winner is the 1960 Corvette owned by Kirk Sinn 

Class 9: Movie/TV cars: Winner is the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1961 Ferrari 250GT California owned by Cameron Rapotec

Class 10A Racecars: Winner is the 1967 AAR Gurney/Weslake Eagle owned by Michael Pearsall

Class 10B Moss Class: winner is Mercedes-Benz 300SLR 722: owned by Koenraad Van Dorpe

Class 11: Pony Cars: Winner is the Trans Am Mustang owned by Harvey Briggs

Class 12 transporters:
Winner is the 1957 Bedford Carrimore Car Transporter owned by Thomas H. Ross

Class 13 Misfit Toys:
Winner is A mixture of Citroën DS and Porsche 911 owned by Simons Daniël

Special Awards:

Dirk de Jager has presented the photography award to the Jaguar E-Type owned by Sebastian Berg 

Magneto magazine award winner is the 1908 Chain Drive Mercedes Grand Prix car owned by Sean Smith

The Sports Car Market Special award is for "The most famous car in the world" Nigel Matthews 1965 Aston Martin DB5

The Chairmans Award, presented by me, Andy Reid, goes out to the 1958 Maserati 420 M "Eldorado" owned by Bruce R. McCaw.

The Best In Show award goes out to Mercedes-Benz 300SLR 722 owned by Koenraad Van Dorpe

Round 3 Winners


1942 Chrysler Town and Country Woody owned by Alan Andrea

Class 2 Porsche:

 is the hand-made model of the 911SC Safari by Philip Julius Theodoor van den Hout

Class 3 BMW:

Winner is the BMW M1 submitted by Noah DeLin Thanos

CLASS 4: Mercedes-Benz 1886-1998: 

1938 Autobahn Kurier owned by Phil Neff.

CLASS 5. Postwar British Sports Cars 1946-1988:

Triumph Spitfire owned my Mike Jankowski

CLASS 6. Motorcycles 1905-1989: John Lawless entry 1968 Ex-Renzo Pasolini Benelli 350cc, sixteen valve, four cylinder Grand Prix Racer. 


The Mazda 787B owned by Joshua Sweeney

CLASS 8. ITALIAN CARS 1948-1988:

Winner:  Tim Spell for his 1958 FERRARI 250 TESTA ROSSA PROVA. 


Winner: The 2004 C5R owned by Jay Savarese

CLASS 10. RACE CARS 1947-2005: 

Evan Zema/Bruce McCaw’s 1953 Ferrari 375 MM #0286

CLASS 11: Dioramas: Tom Neel  for his 1/12th scale Porsche Carrera 3.2 in the garage.

CLASS 12 First Responders:

“Emergency” Dodge Pickup of John Papp 

CLASS 13. American Graffiti Class 1945-1968: 

Andy Musil’s ’66 Royal Pontiac GTO.

CLASS 14. Cherished and Enjoyed:

Winner is the Porsche 356A owned by Sean Smith


Winner is the 1971 Chevy Vega owned by Jim Altemus.

Special Awards:

Sports car Market winner who received a free digital subscription is the submitted  1953 Ferrari 375MM (chassis #0286) owned by Bruce McCaw and shown by Evan Zema. 

 Magneto special class winner is the Porsche 917 from the ten-year-old Hayes Petty (entered by Kristen Petty).

Dirk d' Jager Photography award goes to Peter Singhof

Best of Show winning 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototipo owned by Sean Zeeck

The Rules And How To Enter

Rules and Entering Instructions


HOW TO ENTER: To enter go to our Facebook page (you can click the facebook link on the bottom of the page) find the post on our page of your class and MAKE A COMMENT WITHIN THE POST FOR YOUR CLASS and NOT ON THE MAIN PAGE. Be sure to KEEP READING so you know the rest of the rules below. Add a picture and the post the other 3 or so pictures AS COMMENTS TO YOUR COMMENT. Facebook only allows one photo per comment and doing this keeps your cars pictures together.

1. You are limited to a single car submission per person. That does not mean one car per class, it means ONE CAR PER EVENT.

2. ONLY ONE CAR MODEL IN A COLOR IN EACH CLASS: Before you post your car check the previous submissions to be sure you are not posting same, make, model and color car as someone else. The first person who posts - FOR EXAMPLE THE FIRST SILVER 300SL GULLWING - IS THE ONE WHO GETS TO ENTER PERIOD. It does not matter if it was made by a different die cast company. IF THE CAR IS IN A DIFFERENT RACING LIVERY, SAY A SILVER 1955 LE MANS 300SL AND ANOTHER IS A SILVER CARRERA PANAMERICA LIVERIED 300SL THAT IS ACCEPTABLE.

3. SCALE: Cars should be in 1/43, 1/24, or 1/18 scale. Please no 1/64 or smaller except in the Misfit Toys class.

4. PRICE LIMIT: Again to help make this inclusive to as many as possible we have set a price limit of NO MORE THAN $350 DOLLAR COST for your car.

5. PICTURES OF YOUR CAR: When submitting your car, we need 4-6 pictures of the car. Take a little time to get the best pictures you can. Do these from different angles. If your car has a nice interior please include it as well. An iPhone is a perfectly good tool to do this with. You can get as creative as you like. Do keep in mind that we are using French Rules so we will not be judging engine compartments. If you want to show the engine please do but it will not effect judging.

6. EACH CLASS IS LIMITED TO A TOTAL OF 25 CARS: Cars entered after that number is reached will not be included so please take the time to count the number of cars in a class before entering.

7. TELL THE STORY IN YOUR POST: In addition, just like a real concours, we need to know about your story with this car; why you like it, what it mean to you. This can effect judging outcomes so take some time with this.

8. PLEASE GIVE SOMETHING BACK IN YOU ARE ABLE: Finally we ask you to make a small donation to a community food bank or first responders charity in your area. This is on the honor system as you are likely to come from all over the world. Anything is good and this is on the honor system. If you can only give a dollar, please give a dollar. Also please call out the charity you gave to in your post description.


Judges List


Chief Judge

McKeel Hagerty

Class Judges

Cam Ingram: Owner/Founder of Roads Scholars

Bill Scheffler Fairfield Concours Founder

Dirk de Jager: Notorious Classic Car Photographer

Ken Gross: Noted classic car author

Bill Warner Founder of the Amelia Island Concours

Trent Abbott

Bennett Logan

Eric Keller owner/founder of Enthusiast Auto Group

Alan Galbraith: Chief Wingnut at Concours d' Lemons

Michael Furman: Legendary Automotive Photographer

Ralph Gilles: Global Head of Design at Fiat Chrysler

Paul Russell of Paul Russell and Company

John Nikas noted classic car author

D Randy Riggs Editor at Vintage Motorsport Magazine

Massimo Delbo Noted automotive journalist

Keith Martin: Founder and Publisher of Sports Car Market magazine 

Lance Miller Founder of Carlisle Events

John Saccameno Owner of Sport and Specialty Restorations

Vu Nguyen: Executive Director of the Porsche Club Of America

Don Rose: Aston Martin Expert

Chris Brewer PR czar at The Amelia Island Concours

John Morton Championship winning race car driver

Jay Ward of Pixar

Gregory Nel: Owner of the restoration shop British Automotive Repair

Frank Campanale noted concours judge

Dr. Mark Moskowitz

Tommy Kendall: 2 time IMSA GTU and 4 Time SCCA Trans Am Series Champion

David Hobbs: Le Mans Class winner, Monza winner, Formula 5000, and Trans Am Champion as well as Jaguar XJ13 test driver who set the closed course speed record of 167.5 MPH, a record that lasted for 19 years

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